Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students

Graduate Study

Student interested in graduate study in evolutionary theory and population genetics are encouraged to contact me directly:

Students apply to the PhD program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas. The EEB Department at KU guarantees full support for PhD students for five years, through a combination of teaching assistantships, research assistantships and/or fellowships.

Graduate students in the Orive lab have an opportunity to work on ongoing projects, and to develop their own research programs.

You can find out more about attending graduate school at KU by visiting the following websites:

Graduate Study at the University of Kansas

Graduate Studies in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Undergraduate Research

Students interested in undergraduate research in the Orive lab are encouraged to contact me directly:

Past undergraduate researchers in my lab have developed theoretical models, written and run simulation programs, and carried out various types of numerical analyses of models and data. Students have come from Biology and from Mathematics, and several have completed honors projects in the lab.

You can get a sense of the variety of undergraduate student projects by reading about current and past undergraduate researchers here.